Make your projects profitable through sustainable change management

How to accompany the change for the success of the projects?

Animate the intersessions, the moments between two events or two trainings

Learning articulates change management, which is why it is important to take advantage of it and capitalize on the before and after training


Accompanying change in the daily life of employees

To anchor the change, it is important to make employees take action in their daily lives. TeamGether is present throughout the course to anchor the knowledge in work situation.


Use digital technology to get employees to take action, break their solitude

TeamGether is the digital companion of your employees! Fun and interactive, it will motivate your employees to change.


TeamGether, the digital companion at the controls

TeamGether guarantees the success of your transformation projects by accompanying the change from A to Z. From the birth of the project to the training and support of employees through the development of interactions between teams, make TeamGether the essential digital companion of change management.

Create your own in the image of your company
driving change

Our change management offers



We create the courses for you

• Provide us with the script and content, we take care of the rest!
• We advise you on the creation and guide you in the implementation of the course

A la carte


Create unlimited courses

• We give you access to our intuitive editor to create as many pathways as you want
• Imagine your own scenarios or pick and choose from our off-the-shelf content!

On the shelf


Access our library

• Use our 2700 courses
• Compose your own courses according to your desires, your context, the preferences of your employees...

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Read the testimony of Agnès Daoudal, Head of Transformation at Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform